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We have created the Social Media & Games Law Blog to address interesting and dynamic business and legal issues and upcoming events that affect the social media and game industries.

Our contributors are members of the Social Media & Games Team. Our team has over 70 attorneys around the world working at the forefront of emerg­ing business and legal issues relating to Virtual Goods & Currency, Gamification, Gamblification, Mobile Apps and Location Based Services, Augmented Reality, Online & Video Games, Social TV and much more. The team, which can assist clients with venture capital and private equity funding, mergers and acquisitions, legal and business strategies for virtual goods and currency, intellectual property strategies, implementation and enforcement, preparation of key agreements and policies, including: terms of service agreements; development agree­ments; DMCA policies, compliance and enforcement; data protection and privacy policies; COPPA policies; and much more, has represented both the largest players in the industry and some of the most promising emerging companies.

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